Twin Rocks Camp

Since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005, multiple teams from Southern Baptist churches in Kentucky, especially Tates Creek Baptist Association, traveled to help with the recovery process. This resulted in a strong collaboration. Since 2009 JCBA has led multiple trips to Kentucky to continue this partnership.

Thirty-six JCBA Volunteers traveled 700 miles in 2016 to Hazard, KY to assist Twin Rocks Bible Camp for Kids in construction and renovation of the Camp. The team added an addition to the handicap cabin for a full bathroom. Five cabins were renovated to make them usable for the summer ministry. Over 130 sheets of OSB were used. All the framing was cut from rough cut timber on the site at the camps sawmill - including the two by fours, two by sixes and all the board and batten. A large addition was completed to the cafeteria and meeting area with windows. This is a beautiful camp and the team says that they were blessed to be a part of its ministry.

A team of seventeen people went to Kentucky for a week in April 2017 to assist the camp with 3 projects. Over two dozen from Jackson County Baptist Churches in Mississippi and several from Kirksville Baptist in Kirksville Kentucky helped with this mission.

They enclosed an addition last year in the cafeteria and this year we finished it out. The second project was an outdoor pavilion. It was 26 by 64 feet. All the lumber was from the camp and rough cut from their sawmill. Therefore, no wood was purchased for the project! Bad weather kept them from completing the steel roof but they have a great start. The camp needed a handicap cabin with facilities. In 2016., they built the addition. This year the team installed a shower, vanity and toilet.